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If you would like to re-install Ubuntu on your Juno machine, follow these steps:

1. Create a USB Bootloader

Follow this tutorial from the Ubuntu website

2. Adding Juno Computers PPA

Once the installation is complete, launch Terminal from the Applications menu ( Super + t )

Copy & Paste:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:junocomp/juno-apps
sudo apt update

3.1 Installing drivers through the Terminal

** SUPPORT FOR 20.04 & 21.10 **

sudo apt install juno-installer

Then launch the installer from terminal


4. Flexicharger (Optional)

By having Flexicharger enabled, it will help slow down the deterioration of the laptop battery. The more the battery is charged to 100%, the shorter the battery’s life will be in the long run. We believe that by setting the max available charge on the laptop battery below 100% will extend the life of your battery.

All of our laptops have Flexicharger enabled in the BIOS set to:

Start charge: 80%
Stop charge: 90%

For those who want to disable/enable Flexicharger, power on the laptop and hold F2 to enter the BIOS. Then head to:

Advanced ➤ Advance Chipset Control
Flexicharger ➤ Enable/Disable

5. Encrypt User Accounts

Follow the link below to learn how to encrypt your home folder.

Known Issues

Clevo-keyboard driver

Some users are experiencing upgrading clevo-keyboard drivers. To fix this please launch the terminal and paste the following commands:

sudo apt purge --remove gnome-shell-extension-clevo-keyboard
sudo dpkg --remove --force-remove-reinstreq gnome-shell-extension-clevo-keyboard
cd /usr/share/clevo-keyboard
sudo make dkmsremove
sudo dpkg --remove --force-remove-reinstreq clevo-keyboard
sudo apt autoremove

Restart the laptop and then reinstall clevo-keyboard

sudo apt update
sudo apt install clevo-keyboard

For GNOME distros reinstall the gnome-extension package (Jupiter models excluded)

sudo apt install gnome-shell-extension-clevo-keyboard

Nyx 15″ AMD

As of Dec 2020, Nyx AMD fails to enter suspend when shutting the lid. This is a known issue and we are waiting for AMD to patch their AMDGPU driver.

On Kernel 5.8, a temporary solution is to enter Suspend manually from the terminal or using Power Off/Logout menu.

systemctl suspend -i


Upgrade to latest kernel (AMD)

Waking from Suspend for Nyx 15″ AMD has been solved on kernel 5.10. Is recommended to use the latest kernel on all distros

sudo apt install linux-oem-20.04-edge

Neptune 15 & 17”

UPDATE (Dec 2020) – This issue has now been resolved with the latest updates and it has full compatability with Kernel 5.8.

sudo apt update
sudo apt dist-upgrade

Please check that you have the following versions for:

sudo apt-cache policy juno-ubuntu-drivers

The latest fix is version 0.3.36 (and above)

sudo apt-cache policy juno-nvidia-drivers

The latest fix is version 0.1.10 (and above)

sudo apt-cache policy juno-fan-indicator

The latest fix is version 0.2.20 (and above)

Restart the laptop and you should be on kernel 5.8.

uname -r

Currently Nvidia 450 and kernel 5.8 function well together, and it causes the fan to activate at high speeds randomly.

For this please revert back Kernel 5.4. We have released an update downgrading back to 5.4.

1. Checkup

Check that you are on the latest juno-ubuntu-drivers, juno-nvidia-drivers & juno-fan-indicator

sudo apt-cache policy juno-ubuntu-drivers

The latest fix is version 0.3.34 (and above)

sudo apt-cache policy juno-nvidia-drivers

The latest fix is version 0.1.8-3 (and above)

sudo apt-cache policy juno-fan-indicator

The latest fix is version 0.2.16-1 (and above)

2. Solution

Update to the latest packages

sudo apt update
sudo apt dist-upgrade

Restart the laptop and at boot you will be welcomed by a GRUB menu and select:

Advanced options for Ubuntu
Ubuntu, with linux 5.4-(version)-generic

Make sure you do not select the Recovery Mode.

Once inside kernel 5.4, please refer to Step 1 and check that you have the latest package versions.

Then proceed to

sudo apt autoremove
sudo dpkg-reconfigure nvidia-dkms-450 --force
Restart the laptop

From here on, the Nvidia drivers should work fine. Please stick with kernel 5.4 until Nvidia solves the issue with kernel 5.8

If you want to remove kernel 5.8 please get in touch with us.