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elementary OS is based on Ubuntu 16.04

If you would like to re-install Elementary OS on your Juno machine, follow these steps:

1. Create a USB Bootloader

Follow this tutorial from the Elementary OS website here.

2. Installing Elementary Apps

Once the installation is complete, launch Terminal from the Applications menu ( Super + t )

Copy & Paste: 

sudo apt install com.github.donadigo.eddy com.github.djaler.formatter com.github.stsdc.monitor 

You can also easily install EddyFormatter and Monitor from the AppCenter

Installing drivers through the Terminal

Intel Microcode Firmware

wget && sudo dpkg -i linux-firmware_1.169_all.deb sudo apt install intel-microcode -y

Extend Battery Life

sudo apt install tlp powertop -y

sudo tlp start

Calibrate the battery

sudo powertop --calibrate

sudo powertop --auto-tune

If you receive a message saying "Cannot load from file /var/cache/powertop/saved_parameters.powertop"

Run sudo ln -s /var/cache/powertop/saved_results.powertop /var/cache/powertop/saved_parameters.powertop

and try sudo powertop --auto-tune again.

To run Powertop at startup you need to add it to Systemd

sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/powertop.service

and paste

Description=Powertop tunings
ExecStart=/usr/bin/powertop --auto-tune

Hit control + x to exit and "y" to save.

Mark the file as executable,

sudo chmod +x /etc/systemd/system/powertop.service

Now start the service,

sudo systemctl enable powertop
sudo systemctl start powertop

3. Juno Wallpaper

Download the image and save it to your Pictures folder. Then right click on the image and "Set as Desktop Background"

Source: Pexels